Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Your Own TCH1 Right Now! (But Wait!)

4dynawas.jpgIf you are one of those "super early adopter" types, there is now a possibility for you to own your own Dynawa TCH1 smart watch!

Before you are blinded with excitement, please read the following paragraphs very carefully!

The Dynawa TCH1 is now considered thoroughly tested and final. This means that all the following hardware is working:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • 160x128 pixels full color display
  • Five buttons
  • Micro speaker
  • Accelerometer
  • Vibrator
  • Light sensor
  • Bluetooth wireless interface
  • Buil-in Micro SD card for storage (not easily replaceable!)
  • Micro USB connector for charging / mass storage mode / debugging

The firmware and software is definitely not finalized and cannot even be considered "beta quality" at this stage. You can try writing applications using the almost-finished-but-undocumented WristOS system (in Lua) and very primitive debugger, or you can be bold, start from scratch and compile everything yourself. It's up to you.

There will be a "Dyno" application available for your smartphone, which communicates with TCH1 using BT protocol and allows the watch to (for example) receive SMS messages and e-mail, accept and reject calls, provide geolocation services and handle HTTP requests. Dyno is currently working almost flawlessly on Android phones. Other phones will follow.

Source code of everything (firmware, WristOS, applications, Dyno client) is available or will shortly be available at You can check it out from the Subversion storage anonymously and you can fork it for whatever means you want but the code currently lacks polish and documentation. Also, we make no specific claims about when the software will be finalized and what features it will provide.

If you understand all of the above and are willing to pay between 500 and 600 Euros for a watch that looks exactly like this (i.e. durable but probably won't get you laid), contact us at The price reflects the fact that the watches are custom-built, not yet mass-produced.

If you have more specific questions, please address them to the relevant discussion group so that everyone may benefit from the answers.